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Three Clothing-Choice Warnings Before Your Interview

So you have an interview scheduled, and you're going to be appearing on camera... do you know what to wear? This article offers three warnings that will help you decide what to wear and what to avoid. These are general tips to consider if you do not have the opportunity to coordinate directly with those involved in producing the interview. If you do have that chance, use it! You may find out about restrictions that would not apply in normal situations but might apply in that particular scenario.

Infrared Photography: Exploding the Myth

There has always been an air of mystery about infra red photography. Perhaps justified in the days of film but wholly unwarranted now that digital cameras have made things so much easier.

That which we call light expands on wavelengths to each side of what the human eye can register. Light on the shorter wavelength is Ultra Violet and on the longer wavelength Infra Red.

Online A/V Gear Shopping Caution

Before buying on-line you need to be informed on the items you want to purchase. It is fine to visit sites to find information on an item. No one has the time to read the instructions of the item they sell nor will they ever print the instructions on-line. (Some cheap stuff comes with incorrect instructions.)

Four Free Tools to Manage Digital Photos

The Pros Call It "Workflow"

What happens after you take a bunch of photos with your digital camera? How you work with those image files is what professional photographers call "workflow" and you can either keep things orderly or descend into photographic chaos. If you want to be able to find your photos to enjoy later, keeping things orderly right from the start will be the better choice!

Ready To Go Camera Shopping?

A Quick Intro Before We Dig In

I'm writing this because many people in the past have asked me for advice on buying a camera. I know what they're hoping for -- they're hoping I'll point them to a specific camera. I won't do that, because everybody has different needs and expectations. I think I can help people better by understanding what to look for in a camera, rather than pointing out a particular one. So, while you'll see ads on this page for cameras, the text of this article is not intended to sell you a specific camera.

DPI Confusion: Scaling Down the Myth

NOTE: This was originally written for a now-defunct Wiki on

There is a common myth when it comes to digital photos, digital video, and image sizes. The myth is that "DPI" makes sense for digital photos stored or being transferred in a computer-readable format where there are no inches.

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