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Online A/V Gear Shopping Caution

Before buying on-line you need to be informed on the items you want to purchase. It is fine to visit sites to find information on an item. No one has the time to read the instructions of the item they sell nor will they ever print the instructions on-line. (Some cheap stuff comes with incorrect instructions.)

Fixing Portable Audio Problems (Hum, Pop and SquEEE!)

You need a six plug power strip with a built-in circuit breaker. I don't mean an on/off switch -- which is handy -- but a power strip that has a fuse in it that you can replace. These cost between $12 to $25. Ideally you only need six outlets. If you add two of these handy strips onto the same source, you can create a fire or cause the main circuit breaker to trip and the room has no power.

If the power goes out, the staff get cranky, the manager starts yelling, and the audience tries to steal your equipment.

Setting the Equalizer

You have an equalizer! Either you bought one or found it to be a part of the equipment that is part of your job. An equalizer can do two things. Change the gain or volume of the system before feedback occurs and increase the naturalness or clarity of the sound. It does not eliminate the voice from a CD, and it cannot do miracles.

Write down the settings. Whatever you do, there will always be someone to ask, "Can I hear how it sounded before?"

Put a cover over the equalizer. It doesn't have to be a custom fit. A bath towel would work.

Quick Start to Podcasting

Have you wanted to start a podcast but you weren't sure where to start? The following steps provide a basic overview. Of course, Johnny Pixel Productions, Inc. is ready to help you launch a podcast if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, or if you want a vidcast (a.k.a., video podcast, vodcast, or vlog), or if you want to ensure a more professional-sounding result right from the start!

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