Free and Low-Cost Content

In the course of business, Johnny Pixel Productions creates a lot of original content. Not all of it will be directly useful to us, and the excess we refer to as our "spare media." These spares may be in the form of still photos, audio clips, video clips, or other digital content. They may come about while working on larger projects, or as part of testing equipment or processes, and for a variety of other reasons.

Some of the spares may be "given away" by releasing them under an open or "copyleft" license, or even donating them to the public domain. Others will be available for low-cost, royalty-free licensing. We encourage you to stop by this page from time to time, to see what else has been tossed onto the spare media shelf!

Still Photos

You can find some stock photos available for low-cost, royalty-free licensing in the JPPI galleries on Dreamstime and Bigstock. You may also download one of the free computer desktop backgrounds available on this site.

Video Clips

Following the closure of the Video Liberty project, we do not currently have any free video clips available. We may add some later, so feel free to check back!

Audio Clips

A variety of audio clips, mostly created during equipment or process testing, are available under the Creative Commons Sampling Plus license on (the freesound project).


The JPPI Audio/Video/Multimedia Library
A Guide to Choosing a Video Production Company

Other Media Sources

In addition to media from JPPI, you can find even more photos and footage for your creative projects from the following sources.

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