Additional Services

If you have most of your project handled but just need a few pieces to complete it, we can help you with that. In addition to seeing a project through from beginning to end, Johnny Pixel Productions can provide services with a more limited scope, such as script writing, photography, video recording and editing, audio recording and editing, narration/voice-over, and animation. Other services include "new media" production, including Web development as well as our Find OUT Website reviews.

These services are available directly and on a subcontract basis. For example, if you are working on a project for a client, and you lack the resources (time, equipment, etc.) to capture specific audio and/or video at your client's site, you can work with Johnny Pixel Productions to acquire the necessary material. Or, we can step in during post to work on facets of your project that you lack the resources to complete on your own. This increases your production bandwidth and helps ensure the satisfaction of your client.

Through the Crenel Publishing division, we offer a wide range of media production services to indie authors, including formatting manuscripts for digital publishing in print and e-book. Print publishing can be done through print-on-demand services like CreateSpace and Ingram Spark, and e-book publishing can be done through a variety of e-book platforms such as Google Play Books, Kindle, NOOK, Kobo, and more. Once your book is published, you can promote it on Lazy Saturday Reads and discuss book marketing on Indie Authors United.