Quick Start to Podcasting

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Have you wanted to start a podcast but you weren't sure where to start? The following steps provide a basic overview. Of course, Johnny Pixel Productions, Inc. is ready to help you launch a podcast if you are not comfortable doing it yourself, or if you want a vidcast (a.k.a., video podcast, vodcast, or vlog), or if you want to ensure a more professional-sounding result right from the start!

Start a Podcast

  1. Decide on recording equipment. This could be a digital audio recorder, a USB microphone (like the Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone) with free audio software such as Audacity, an MP3 player with voice note functions, a mobile phone with voice note functions, etc.
  2. Either write a complete script or at least jot down some notes for what you want to say in your first podcast episode
  3. Record yourself, using your script or notes for reference
  4. Get your recording onto your computer, if you didn't record into it directly
  5. Convert the recording into a compressed format. This normally means MP3, but you can also use Ogg Vorbis instead of, or in addition to, MP3. If you use both formats, you'll need to follow the next steps separately for each format, so each format will have its own podcast
  6. Choose your online publishing platform. This could be a Web site you already use that has software for publishing podcasts, or one of several hosted services that are available to host your audio files and publish the "data feed" that people will use to subscribe to your podcast
  7. Upload your audio files to the publishing platform, providing a description of the episode (details on how you do this will vary depending on the platform you use)
  8. Promote your new podcast!