An Introduction to the AVM Library

Welcome to the AVM Library!

The AVM Library will, over time, collect a variety of articles that are related to these topics, especially as they relate to producing and using original content for audiences of varying sizes. Each topic is discussed in some more detail below.


Articles about Audio may include any discussions related to sounds — music, speech, sound effects, etc. This could include articles about gear and gadgets, audio licensing, audio libraries, recording, composing music, editing digital audio, audio codecs, and audio playback. Since the AVM Library is mostly oriented toward producing and using original content for specific audiences, there are audio-related topics that will probably not be discussed in the AVM Library, such as singing in the shower, popular songs, celebrity news, and so forth.


Articles about Video can include just about any discussion related to producing and using visual imagery, since even non-animated drawings and photographs can be included in video productions. Similar to the Audio category, video articles could include discussions of gear and gadgets, video licensing, video codecs, image capture, animation, editing, video playback, and much more. Also similar to the Audio topic, you should not expect the AVM Library to include articles about popular movies, movie stars, the latest viral video, and similar things unrelated to producing and using original video content.

Multimedia/New Media

Multimedia can mean different things to different people. Some might think of it in terms of combining video and audio; others might associate it specifically with computer graphics or computer animation. Some might even think of specific products and their uses, such as the presentations that can be created in LibreOffice Impress or other presentation software. For the purposes of the AVM Library, "multimedia" can refer to any of the above, as well as "new media" and Internet topics. Although still focused mainly on producing and using original content, the Multimedia topic will be a catch-all for a variety of topics that do not fit strictly into the Audio or Video categories.


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